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How I select songs.

Deciding which songs to do on a show is not just a matter
of drawing names out of a hat. I put considerable thought into it.

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Max's Music Place.

Putting together a show

Have you been wondering how I decide which songs to do on my show? I select some old songs, a traditional song and write one or two new ones. You can read the details below.

Well, that's how I used to do it.

My original intention was to record a new TV show roughly every 6 weeks. You know what they say, the road to you know where is paved with good intentions. I got thrown off the track when I fell and injured the fingers of my left hand. I was unable to play for about a year. After I recovered there were a variety of reasons all of which sound more like excuses than reasons. During this time I just kept recycling the same four shows over and over. I am now trying to get back to rehearsing and recording again.

I record these shows at home using a video camera and my computer. After I edit the show I burn a DVD and give it to the local cable company and they put it on the air for free. After that I load the video file, strip the sound off of it, and make mp3 files to post on this site.

I am constrained by the demands of TV scheduling so I will continue doing a half hour show. That seems a good length for my audience, not too long and not too short. What audience? Nobody is really watching and/or listening.

There is time for eight songs in a half hour show. I have made 5 CDs and obviously these are my best songs. I pick out 8 songs from one of the albums and rearrange the order if necessary. I try to lead off the show with a song which is fast and maybe funny and end the show with a song which is both fast and funny. Then I set what goes in between . If there is a Gospel song it usually goes at position four or five depending on its tempo and that of the songs around it. Then I start practicing. That's what goes into making a web cast show.

Obviously I will soon run out of CDs. By then I should have 10 good shows in the can. The cable company will allow me to keep one show on for 2 months. That means the shows will recycle every 20 months. That should be plenty. I am also going to drop the shows shot with the bright red curtain behind me. I think the light brown one is much more restful to the eyes of my nonexistent viewers.

Sometimes I am asked "How much do you get paid for being on TV?" The answer is bad news. "NOTHING!" The even worse news is if I should want to continue doing public access TV recorded in the cable company's studio I would have to pay 40 bucks an hour for the time. The camera and video editing software cost about a year and a half of studio time.

At the present time it is my intention to make a CD every year. Well, the road to you know where is paved with you know what. I now have 5 CDs. I have been doing this for more than 5 years so you can see I didn't keep to this schedule.

Two thirds of the earth's surface is covered with water and the other one third is covered with songwriters.

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