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This page contains links to lyrics to the songs in all shows posted on this site.

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Max's Music Place.

There once was a time when I would go into the cable studios near the end of each month, record a show and it would be aired on channel 2 of the cable system in Bowling Green Kentucky for the following month. Also I would put together the same set of songs from my master tapes made in my home studio and post them on this site as mp3 files. A new show came into being each month which replaced the previous one and everything happened in an orderly fashion.

In about 2003, I think it was, the cable company instituted a charge for studio time. It's not that I couldn't afford it but it was the principle of the thing. They are not allowed by law to charge for putting shows on the air but a loophole in the law allows them to rip us off for studio time.

The loss of my show drove me into a period of depression. I began to recover in 2004 when my wife bought me a new computer that had a video capture card and video editing software. I bought a video camera and figured out how to record TV shows at home.

This removed time pressure so I got lazy. Matters weren't helped at all when I fell and injured the fingers of my left hand. It took almost a year to recover. A really bad case of the lazys set in and I just didn't record anymore than the four shows I had in the can at that time. After running those four shows in rotation, two months at a time for 3 years I decided in 2009 it was time to start producing some new shows.

Since my best songs are the ones on my CDs those will be the songs that appear in my shows. Since any show may be running at any time I will post all the lyrics to all the show songs. That would without a doubt make a very large web page which would take a long time to load and be difficult to navigate around. The lyrics for each show will be on a separate page. Each page will be linked from this page. The shows have numbers instead of dates. So have fun singing along. The links follow.

Lyrics from Show 1.

Lyrics from Show 2.

Lyrics from Show 3.

Lyrics from Show 4.

Lyrics from Show 5.

Lyrics from Show 6.

Lyrics from Show 7.

Lyrics from Show 8.

Lyrics from Show 9.

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