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Links to web sites which I find
interesting or useful.

Max at his computer

That's me at the computer.

As it turns out I am right.

It is widely believed among owners of small websites such as this one that having as many cross links as possible will improve the sites ranking in search engines. The operators of search engines have gotten wise to this strategy and it no longer works. In fact it hasn't worked in a long time. The only thing the links that used to be here have gotten me is a ton of spam. I have decided to do a lot of housecleaning.

This page has been cleared of any link that I don't personally think is a good one and relevant to my site. If you have a reciprocal link and wonder what has happened to your link, it is gone and won't be back. Don't waste your time emailing me, just remove my link and if I'm on your mailing list please remove me from that too.

On February 25, 2011 I heard a report on the radio that Google was going to do a lot of housecleaning. My statement above was based on personal experience. Now I have been vindicated. Google, and no boubt other search engines, are going to check the true relevance of site content to the search terms that bring them up. No more will you get a site selling vacuum cleaners when you search for vacuum tubes. It won't make any difference how many cross links the site has. In line with that I am going to do another round of housecleaning. If your link is gone, tell it to the chaplain

The AllegroSound link has been moved to the Fun with Tubes site where it is much more at home.

E Z Folk banner
Richard Hefner's instructional site for banjo (bluegrass & clawhammer) and folk guitar. Hundreds of pages of tablature, tutorials, and more to make your learning experience an enjoyable one.

Do you love music?

Here is a link to the maker of the program I use to generate
the instrumental backup tracks for my songs. You can use it
for everything from composing background music to Karaoke.

"The Jammer Professional" from "SoundTrek Systems inc."

So you would like to write a song

Maybe you think you could write better songs than I do. Well, go for it. It will help a lot if you know what you're doing before you start. I thought the first song I wrote was pretty good until I learned something about the craft and found I had to revise it extensively. Songwriting is about one half talent and one half craftsmanship. Even if you have the talent, if you don't know the craft you will make mistakes that will instantly brand your work as amateurish. If you don't want to be so branded then you must learn the craft. Studying these books should take you a great distance along the path from amateur to professional.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know
About Songwriting But Didn't Know Who to Ask
Cliffie Stone

This is the book you should start with. It gives an overview of the music industry covering such topics as copyrights, royalties, publishing and recording your songs. It's far from being complete but it's an excellent view of the big picture.

Writing Better Lyrics
Pat Pattison

Here is the introductory course in lyric writing. Pat starts at the very beginning and explains everything. He also assigns exercises at the end of each chapter. When there is no teacher to crack the whip it is often tempting to let them go. If you are really serious about wanting to write song lyrics DO THESE EXERCISES! Don't just read the book -- study it hard. It will do you a lot of good.

Now we come to the books by Sheila Davis. She is a highly experienced songwriter and teacher. Some people are good at one or the other. She is good at both. If you STUDY STUDY STUDY these two books you will have passed a course that can only be surpassed by taking a class with a live teacher. The first book is

The Craft of Lyric Writing
Sheila Davis

This book is Songwriting 320. It has 316 pages (excluding the appendix) and is jammed with good useful information. It requires intensive study rather than a quick read through.

I didn't include a picture of this book because I have lost the dust jacket and the front cover is extremely dull.

The Songwriters Idea Book
Sheila Davis

This is Songwriting 450. I refer to this book regularly. Any time I find myself bereft of ideas I look through this book. So far I have not failed to find a good idea.

Visit your local bookstore or an on-line bookseller.

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