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When the Cat's Away. June 2000.

This one is obviously based on a well known figure of speech, formally known as an idiom. The second one in the chorus is a Chinese idiom which someone somewhere told me. The next two are made up. Situations and characters are completely fictitious.

Are You Sure? 1997

In that year Sue and I attended the wedding of the daughter of our best friends. I was imagining how it must feel to raise a child from a baby to woman hood and then have to turn her care over to a near total stranger. I wrote this song to express those feelings.

I decided to write the first verse as if written by a lover or first husband. The second verse reestablishes reality and gives it a twist which makes for a surprise ending for someone who does not know the facts behind the song.

All Rights Reserved (1998)

By 1998 I had read several licensing agreements and the thought occurred to me to compare these to the marriage contract. A successful marriage needs to be "all rights reserved" on both sides.

The Day We Touched the Moon 1999

After several unsuccessful attempts at writing this song I realized the right way to do it was to relate how I felt about what happened rather than just relate what happened. The 5 Ws and an H are for newspaper stories not songs.

To The Max 1999

Although this is a deliberate play on my own name it is in no way autobiographical.

Mixed Signals 1997

I was a teenager in the 1950s and I remember how tough that was. Now it must be something close to Hell. I have tried to imagine what it is like and maybe give a voice to some teens of today.

Never and Always 1999

One of the song writing strategies presented by Sheila Davis is to use antonyms as the bases for a song. One day while I was brain storming with myself I thought of the Star Trek episode where Mr. Spock has to return home and take a bride. Their reunion is by what we would call picture phone but takes place in front of the entire bridge crew of the Enterprise. He says "Tepring, parted from me and never parted, never and always, touching and touched. I return to thee." She replies "Spock, Parted from me, and never parted, never and always touching, and touched, I await thee in the appointed place." I've done that from memory so I may have a few words wrong.

I decided if I used the whole thing I might get into copyright trouble so I used just the never and always part. The basic idea is having a crush on a famous person. I have a specific one in mind but you will have your own so I won't prejudice you by telling you who mine is. If you know my entire body of work you can probably figure out who she is. 1997 From CD "For the Record"

I really don't remember how I got the idea for this song. I wanted to reserve the domain name but I put it off too long and someone who saw my song on went and got it first. There are several variations of it. Try some of them and see what you get. It changes from time to time.

I suppose that they were hoping that the song would become a hit and they would be able to hold me up for a fortune for the name. Ha ha, fool you. It was never, and is not likely to ever be a hit. Keep the name. Choke on it.

Behind the Songs Main Page.


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