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It's Greek to Me (Then You Can Sing with Me)

This really was my mother's favorite saying. When ever she was puzzled about something there was never any doubt because she would roll out this statement. She had no idea that it came from Shakespeare and neither did I until I was being home schooled in high school and studied the play Julius Caesar. How many 5 year olds have read Shakespeare? The actual quote is "It was Greek to me".

I'm Looking For the Highway (1996)

This song says "I'm looking for the highway that will lead me back home". It's one of those nostalgic songs about wanting to go home but there is a twist in the last verse. It's a very popular song with several of my friends who ask for it every time they see me.

Down In the Valley

What is there to say about this old chestnut. We all sang it in school and/or summer camp. There are probably a dozen or more additional verses but I have decided to omit them so the song won't take up the whole show.

The Grass is Always Greener (1996)

Well, isn't it obvious where I got the idea for this one? There's not much else to say.

What Is Love? (1996)

This song is based on the definition of love which can be found in the Bible. (Revised Standard, not the King James version). I had someone look it up for me at the time but I no longer remember where it came from. I thought I had a file somewhere on my computer with the reference and quote in it but I can't seem to find it. It's from one of the Corinthian letters but I can't even remember which one. Anyway I don't know of any other song which paraphrases this Biblical reference.

The Pictures on my Radio (1993)

No doubt you have heard this one before. It's the oldest one on the show. I am nostalgic for the old time radio programs. I grew up with them. For those who are too young to know the first TV sets were black and white only and the screens were 8 or 10 inches. The pictures on my radio had been much larger and in living color. I'm also nostalgic for the old radios as well. I have collected a few and enjoy restoring them to operation. I have another web site devoted to old radios and other antique electronics including some projects you can build. The URL is

Full of the Moon. (1998)

This song plays on the double meaning of full of the moon. It can mean the time when the moon is full or "I am full of the influence of the moon". It's an unabashed love song and even contains a little double entendre.

Big Jim's A-Comin' (1995)

Maybe 25 or 30 years ago there was a commercial running on TV which went like this. The scene is in a dusty western town and a major panic is under way. Everyone is shouting "Big John's A-Comin'". The town is mostly empty when the biggest actor they could find stomped into the street and from there to the barroom. He is made up to look mean, probably wearing lift shoes and shot from a low camera position all to make him look more menacing. Inexplicably the bartender is there and the big man orders the brand of beer which paid for the commercial. The barkeep asked him if he wants another and he replies "There's no time! Big John's A-Comin'". This song unashamedly retells that joke. What with the Jimmy Dean song and that commercial I decided to call him Big Jim.

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