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In Your Dreams (2003)

This song expresses the fantasy of everyone who dreams of fortune and fame. Any one of us could have a lot of fun doing that and it could happen tomorrow. Ya, in your dreams.

Poetically Correct (1994)

When I started writing songs in 1992 I didn't have a clue about what I was doing. Fortunately my Aunt Grace was a retired English teacher who wrote poetry as a pastime. She reviewed many of my songs and told me what I was doing wrong. Although there is a big difference between writing poetry and songs there are certain basics in common. Just as a musician needs to know the scale a lyricist needs to know the basics of verse writing.

The phrase "politically correct" was just beginning to be kicked around about this time. I came up with the phrase "poetically correct". It struck me as funny in the context of political correctness so I decided to make it the basis of a song.

I wrote it as an exercise. Each verse makes the mistake it discusses. I did it once on my now resuscitated TV show and then put it aside for several years. It is likely to be funny to other lyricists but the jokes will probably be lost on ordinary people. I decided to do it again because nobody is listening or watching anyway.

Falling In Love Is the Easy Part (1998)

This non autobiographical song grows out of the thought that when people marry young they don't even know what life is about let alone a long term commitment. They don't wait when they should and they don't stick with the relationship when they should. That is what I believe to be the cause of the high divorce rate.

They Rode the Pillar of Fire (1998)

In 1998 I saw a TV special about the space program and at the end it noted that astronaut Al Shepherd had died, of natural causes, shortly after shooting of the show had concluded. I was inspired to write a tribute to all of those brave men, and now women who bravely climb into that thing and ride the pillar of fire, sometimes to their death.

Wednesday Appreciation Day (1998)

My wife Sue always called Wednesday "hump day". I thought it would be humorous to write a song on that subject.

If I Become the Night (1998)

I came up with this one in one of my more poetic flights of fancy. A good friend remarked, after hearing it, "Max, you are an incurable romantic." I plead guilty as charged.

All Rights Reserved (1998)

By 1998 I had read several software licensing agreements and the thought occurred to me to compare these to the marriage contract. A successful marriage needs to be "all rights reserved" on both sides.

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