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Oh Take Me Back There.

(Max Robinson)
January 22, 1994
Revised Aug. 6, 1998.

I've heard tell of a time
when half the people toiled
On farms to grow crops
in the rich dark soil.
The neighbors were friends
And they loved the land;
If trouble came, all gathered round
To lend a helping hand.
Oh, take me back there once again
To a simpler day
When it was much easier
To find the honest way.
The teenage kids stole kisses in
A wagon load of hay
It was safe to go walking
at any time of day.

In those long-gone towns and cities

it was commonplace
That almost everyone you met
Would have a smiling face.
They didn't fear each other
and never locked their doors,
Everyone felt safe at work
In offices and stores.
Oh, take me back there once again
To a simpler time
When the night sky was so dark
the stars really shined.
Children safely played outside
Church bells sweetly chimed;
Men and women sang in harmony
and all their words rhymed.

Winter in those good old days

when there was ice and snow
They didn't have to salt the roads
So cars and trucks could go;
People hitched their horse and sleigh
And went where they pleased;
The sound of jingling bells floated
on the winter breeze.
Oh, take me back there once more to
A simpler way to go
When no one ever got up tight
'cause icy winds might blow
It wasn't a big deal to them
if traffic moved slow
Moms and dads had lots of time
To watch their children grow.

I know those times weren't perfect,

they had troubled days and nights
I wouldn't take away minorities'
and woman's rights
As we look at our old photographs
And think of where we stood,
We forget about the bad things
and remember only good.
But take me back there once again
To a simpler year
When songs they sang were gentle
and the words were sweet and clear,
Families picnicked in the park
with fun and good cheer
To hear a brass band playing
The music they held dear.

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Wild Strawberries.

(Max Robinson & Grace Haynes Smith)

In grassy mountain meadows
where wild strawberries grow,
the tulip trees are sighing
for a love they used to know.
There in the windless summer
I walked with Sallie Lou;
ascended to the summit,
we were silenced by the view.

We gathered red ripe berries

that stained our fingertips
and left their berry redness
for the color of her lips.
As sun beamed through the maples,
she said she would be mine;
our love would glow forever
like the scarlet columbine.

A sudden summer downpour

drenched us to the bone;
She shivered in a fever; I was
helpless all alone.
I wept as she lay dying,
her body white and chilled;
her lips were red with berries
though her heartbeat now was stilled.

Goodbye, goodbye, my darling,

my darling, Sallie Lou;
I go - I cannot linger
where the stones are shadowed blue.
I go back to the meadow
where wild strawberries grow
and hear the breezes sighing
for a love they used to know.

As church bells toll, I listen

to laughter in the cove
and see a phantom moving
in the shelter of the grove.
When fruit is ripe for picking,
I climb the pasture hill
where Sallie Lou is waiting:
we dance at summer's will.

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My Wasted Years.

(Max Robinson)
July 1994.
Revised Aug. 14, 1998.
Revised Aug. 2, 2001.

I traded peaceful country lanes
for freeways jammed with cars
I gave up days with clear blue skies
for nights of smoke filled bars
Fame won't happen over night
first I must pay some dues
This endless stream of cheep motels
is no vacation cruise

I left you love for wealth and fame

I confess, it's true
But when I hit the "Billboard" charts
I'll share it all with you
Unspoken words and years pile up.
My chance is growing slim;
I hear you've wed another man
I wish I was him.

I see your lips in sunsets and

Your eyes in skies of blue
The singing of the Meadowlark
brings me thoughts of you
These years are worthless as the leaves
that fall and blow away
If only I had stayed at home
I'd be with you today

For more than twenty five years

I've sung and played guitar
I've paid my dues and paid again
But never was a star
You are married to another
you'll never be my bride.
I'd trade all MY WASTED YEARS
for one night at your side.

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Old Time Movies.

(Max Robinson)
February 15, 1995.
Revised Aug. 1, 1998.
Revised June 23, 2001.

Who is your favorite movie star?
What is your favorite show?
The old time pictures are the best
to see on video.

Roy Rogers rode the open range

along with side kick Pat.
He fought the bad guys hand to hand
and never lost his hat.


If there's nothing on TV
Slip a movie in the slot
They're a lot of fun to see
Even if you know the plot.

"Gone With the Wind" supplied a line
to every party ham;
When Gable said "Frankly my dear
I don't give a damn".

In Citizen Kane those guys must

have missed the sledding scenes
Cause they could never figure out
what Rosebud means.

A famous line from Casablanca

really is a sham
'Cause Humphrey Bogart never said
"Play it again Sam."


These are favorites through the years
We will watch them all again
Recreating atmospheres
Of the old remember when.

Your favorite picture isn't here,
there are many on the shelf;
If you want a verse about it you
can write one for yourself.

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Untying Knots.

(Max Robinson)
February 3, 1998.

Why did we drift apart
I thought you'd spend forever at my side
We'll throw away the life we've known
I'll be lost without you as my guide.


Untying knots is never easy
It's hard to leave the one you've lived with

all those years.
When love is gone and two must part
Hard words and hard feelings
turn to bitter tears.

When love was new we owned the sky
The moon and stars were jewels in your hair
When you smiled a rainbow shined
How did our house fall into disrepair?


Now You're gone and I'm alone
You'll be with someone else to greet the dawn
I will cry the night away
Somehow I'll find a reason to go on.


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Sweet Betsy From Pike.

(Public Domain)

Did you ever hear tell of sweet Betsy from Pike,
Who crossed the wide prairies with her lover Ike,
With two yoke of oxen and one spotted hog
A tall shanghai rooster an old yeller dog?

One evening quite early they camped on the Platte,
Twas near by the road on a green shady flat;
Where Betsy, quite tired, lay down to repose,
While with wonder Ike gazed on his Pike County rose.

Out on the prairie one bright moon-lit night
They broke out the whisky and Betsy got tight,
She sang and she shouted and danced on the plain,
Showed her -- modesty -- to the whole wagon train.

The alkali desert was burning and bare,
And Isaac's soul shrank from the death lurking there:
"Dear Old Pike County, I'll come back to you"
Said Betsy, "You'll go by yourself if you do."

The shanghai ran off and the cattle all died
The last piece of bacon that morning was fried
Ike got discouraged and Betsy got mad
The dog wagged his tail and looked wonderfully sad.

They reached California, Ike said "What a view,
Now that we're here, Betsy what shall we do?"
"We'll build a big city with freeways and cars
Earth quakes mud slides and rich movie stars."

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Alone in the dark.

(Max Robinson)
May 11, 1993.
Revised July 31, 1998.

Verse 1:

The love light in your eyes has gone.
The glow I depended upon.
With no guiding light
Day has become night.

Chorus 1:

There is nowhere I have to go,
And nothing I need to do,
So I will stay
Right here where I am,
ALONE IN THE DARK without you.


Through the long years ahead I'll be waiting,
With the hope that someday you'll return.
No other will do
I'll always love you,
So I wait here ALONE IN THE DARK.

Verse 2:

There's no use to look for the sun
My tears have only begun
I feel no hate
I guess it's my fate
To stay all ALONE IN THE DARK.

Chorus 2:

And so I have nowhere to go,
And there's nothing for me to do,
And so I will stay
Right here where I am,
ALONE IN THE DARK without you.

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I'm Getting Nowhere Fast.

(Max Robinson)
August 25, 1996.
Revised Mar. 2, 2001.

I'm working on the line
Producing everyday
My morale is in decline
It's cheerless but good pay.


I'm running on a treadmill
I know my strength won't last
I'm climbing up a sand hill
I'm getting nowhere fast.

I don't have the slightest clue
What I do on this job
I adjust the whichimacou
On the thingamabob.


Every gizmo looks the same
Did I do this one before
If it fails I'll get the blame
The whole thing is a bore.


It's the salt mine all day long
A scene in monochrome
Would I be in the wrong
If I took some salt home?

This job gets me uptight
My head is in a spin
There's a guy who works at night
To move the salt back in.


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