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Max Robinson, Owner of the real Max's Music Place.

Music for Baby Boomers
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I am a singer/songwriter with a unique style and point of view.
If you are tired of the same old stuff, give me a listen.

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Max's Music Place.

Do you like the sound of tube amplifiers?
Want to learn more about them?
Have a look into my left brain.
Visit Fun with Tubes.


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I'm back on TV.

In March of 2003 I had to give up my public access TV show because of a forty dollar per hour, or any part of an hour, studio charge. In part I didn't feel I could afford that and in part I just didn't want to pay the so-and-sos for something that was supposed to be free.

Technology continues to advance and it seems that it is on the side of the independent artist. For the cost of about two years of studio time I have set up my own video studio in my home. I can produce my show at home, burn it to a DVD and they have to, by law, put it on the air for free.

I went through a period of depression after losing my TV show and it's just starting to sink in on me that I am back. I'm also going to render a web quality video/audio of the show and put it up. It's an experiment and at this writing I don't even know if it will work. But it's there on the web cast page so if your inclined to watch my show you can.

As I learn how to use the video editor, I don't know much as of now, the pictures should get more interesting. Meantime you may want to just listen to the audio.

I know not many people have been listening to the webcast and no doubt even fewer will watch it. WELL, I DON'T CARE! I'll keep doing it and I don't care if anybody listens to it or not. It's there and I know it's there. I write good lyrics and the gate keepers of the music industry don't care. Well, I DON'T CARE IF THEY DON'T CARE! They can go and commit a biological impossibility with themselves!


The people who entertained you in the 1960s were born roughly between 1938 and 1944. I was born right at the end of 1939. During the '60s I was busy starting my career but now that it's behind me I have returned to my first love, MUSIC! Instead of wallowing in nostalgia, bring back old memories with new music. Give me a look and a listen.

Photo of Max holding his guitar.

Photo by John Carmon

Max's Music Place is the name of my personal recording label. I want you to hear my music. Once you do you will like it. Don't be afraid of the unknown. Take a chance. Live a little!

"... I wonder if it's worth restoring vintage radios ..."
"The Pictures On My Radio" by Max Robinson

Are you interested in old time (tube) electronics?
Click on the picture below to visit

Fun with Tubes.

Photo of antique radio removed from cabinet with empty cabinet at left rear.  A tube manual and test meter can also be seen.

I invite anyone who shares my interest in
vacuum tube equipment and circuits to Email me.

My CDs Page is newly redesigned.

Take a look at My CDs Page

You CAN understand the words.
If you like folk music, you'll like
my CDs.

These pages are continuously under construction.
New things will be added every week. Be sure to visit again!!

The web ring which used to be here is now gone. Why? When I signed on to my home page I was almost immediately redirected to the web ring. This happened several times and it makes me unhappy that people trying to get to my page were high jacked away to someone else's page. The web ring is gone and won't be back. Web ring owners can tell it to the chaplain.

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